1. In high temparatures as well as in low temparatures,silicone maintains its specifications.
  2. Silicone is resistant to air conditions,radiation,ultraviolet rays,ozone and oxigen.
  3. Very high electrical isolation.
  4. Silicone is an inert meterial.
  5. It dosen't stick another meterial

Due to it's above mentioned specifications the use silicone cable is prefered in electrical, electronics,general engineering,auto endustry,aircraft endustry,ship endustry and, illumination,textile,medicine,medicalcosmetic and food field

Termal Proporties

Silicon rubber has a wide range working temperature (-60C, +180C). Within this range there is no loss in its phisical properties. Even at 250C, it can continue its working properly for thousands of hours. It can endure its working for a short period at 400C even under technical failures.

We are capeble of formulating silicon rubber which can endure 315C permanently. Silicon rubber preserves its properties in low temperatures as -60C also, keeps its elasticity.

Electrical Properties

YIt has high dielectric strength, high dielectric fatigue strength, low power consumption coefficient, low dielectric stability and very high spark resistancy. By means of these advantages silicon rubber can be easily used in damp environments and where safe isolation materials fail. Silicon rubber is ideal for Fand H class insulation applications..

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